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Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is my favourite place I’ve seen during my trip – so far! Yes, I do think it helped that most of my time their it was very walm and sunny.
Anything after my 12 hour Greyhound coach journey from Melbourne would be heaven (I do not do well in confined places with personal space boundaries being invaded). But Sydney was truly beautiful from the second I arrived, getting into Sydney Centeral Station, an old Victorian era building reminding me of Paddington Station in London – the South-West of England’s gateway to London.

As you do when you go to visit anywhere, I googled 'Sydney' to see what the main attractions of the city were and when I got bored of that I Instagram stalked famous Sydney blockers/models/socialites to get a few ideas of what I should be doing and visiting in the city, leaving me with a pretty decent list of things to do and visit:

My bucket list for Sydney:

  • The Opera House

  • The Harbour Bridge

  • P.Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

  • The Queen Victoria Building

  • Mardi Gras

  • Bondi Beach

  • Manly Beach - AUS open of Surfing

  • Bondi to Bronte walk/run

  • Bondi Iceburgs

Considering I was only here for a week, I thought this was enough to keep me busy as well as on the move, a lot of these were easy to do, I was lucky enough to stay in Bondi so that area was easy for me to explore. I loved watching the sunsets at Bondi and it became something I did almost every night whilst I was there.

I found Sydney very easy to get around, I don't known if that's because of the time I've spent in London or I just got lucky but apparently a lot of people find it difficult to figure out and a tram is being introduced through the central city for even more convenience. Once I got myself to Bondi Junction, the world (Sydney) was my oyster, enabling me to get buses and trains (like the tubes in London, but they are NOT called tubes, they are trains) to any part of Sydney. The majority of tourist hotspots and items on my list are accessible from Circular Quay, this is where the harbour bridge and opera house are, as well as the ferry port.

Sydney have cards the same as London do for their public transport called Opal cards. Something that I was unaware of until it happened to me is that, if you make over 8 trips on a week, the rest of the week is free for you! Something that if I'd know, I would have put $20 on my card the day before!

Sydney, Australia in Photographs

Sydney, Australia in Photographs

"Sydney or Melbourne?"

"Sydney or Melbourne?"