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My Top 5 Plymouth Spots of Sunsets

My Top 5 Plymouth Spots of Sunsets

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably have realised by now that I have a slight obsession with sunset which as recently been fuelled further by the looming horror that is winter! Over the last few weeks I’ve taken the time to run around my beautiful little coastal city to capture photos and video of some of my favourite places during that golden hour and here are a few of my favourites.

  1. Royal William Yard

Lets start off with my go to spot (it’s only down the road from me so It’s a regular spot - great for sunrise too by the way!) The beautiful old buildings create an amazing contrast or you can head out the other side to Devil’s Point and watch the sunset from the steps, get you up high enough to catch the sun for that little bit longer.

Sunset photo taken from Royal William Yard, Plymouth. October 2018 on iPhone XS

2. Plymouth Sound

I was so lucky at the end of the summer to be able to catch this beautiful sunset on my way back into Plymouth from a boat trip. But living in a coastal city I’m pretty sure you know someone that owns a paddle board or a kayak if not a boat! I’d highly recommend getting yourself out on the water and watching the sunset, just please please PLEASE don’t fall in!

3. Whitsand Bay

This is realllllllly Plymouth but it’s pretty close so I’m including it. Whitsand is perfect if you want to sit and watch the sun actually hit the water (If like me you live in hope of seeing the green flash it’s perfect for you). It is however a bit of a trek and quite a work out if like me you insist on taking snacks and camera kit.

4. Wembury Beach

Wembury is so close to where I grew up so when thinking of sunset spots I often over look it, but WOW. The water was so still that evening which would have made it perfect to paddle out and see the sunset from a more isolated location but instead I decided to climb to the top of hill (next to the church) and catch it from there. I pretty much stood there in silence for an hour just watching the colours change.

5. Mayflower Marina

I obviously had to save the best till last. If I ever drop off the map, this is where you will find me. I managed to capture this beautiful sunset a few weeks ago purely by luck (my friend wanted to go home due to the dropping temperatures). The colours were absolutely amazing and despite getting some pretty amazing shots, I really don’t think they managed to do it justice. If you’re going to give this one a visit, make sure you're respectful of the residence that overlook the marina and that you’re compliant with the marina security!

There are so many more amazing places around Plymouth that I haven’t yet and want to try but now that it’s getting dark before 5PM I’m a little limited on the distance I can go. I can’t wait for winter to be over and be able to camp out on those warm summer evenings and catch the sunrise and set.

Dartmoor National Park, Devon

Dartmoor National Park, Devon

thank you, next - Ariana Grande

thank you, next - Ariana Grande