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Camera Roll 04/03/18

Camera Roll 04/03/18

As part of my new years resolutions I want to try and be more organised with my social media and blogging. I wanted to be able to come up with a few more ideas for blog posts that were easy but consistent for me to create so after a bit of thought I decided I would invite you guys to have a little more insight into my life (and my phone) and every week I will share with you pictures (that I wouldn't have posted on Instagram or my blog normally) and screenshots along with a little explanation. Hopefully this will be something I can keep up and something that will provide a bit of entertainment.

I'm going to aim to do this every Sunday.

And das not good.

I love a good letter board and spend alot of time on Pinterest looking for votes and ideas for photos. I was sat in the Kuala Lumpur airport waiting for my connecting flight back to the UK and looking for a "meaningful" quote for an Instagram post. I was this and instantly read it in my cousin's voice so obviously sent it to her. She is always my little ray of sunshine and sends me things like this to cheer me up.

World Traveler

I got back from my trip to Thailand this weekend and felt the need to take a classic photo of my passport and ticket. I was bored and waiting in the lounge at Kuala Lumpur airport (a 4 hour layover) trying to keep myself entertained, as all my friends were at work back in the UK I resorted to trying to take some cool snaps for Instagram, this one however did not make the cut but I still think its a pretty picture.


No such thing as bad weather...

I love this quote because it is completely true, all weather is barable if you dress appropriately... I however do not ever dress appropriately as I wish I lived in the sunshine and thus shop like I do. I have more bikinis than I do jumpers and wonder why I am constantly cold. Since storm Emma has been blowing it's way through the UK this week I felt this was very appropriate to share on my social media accounts, hence being saved in my phone.


Add me on Vero (is it still called "add" on Vero?)

This week I joined Vero! Working in marketing and social media I thought I should at least check it out and try and understand it. So I decided to screenshot my account and share It on my social media - as you do. So far I'm still a little unsure of the platform, but as I don't have many connections I'm not entirely sure of how I'm going to be using it. Since they promise no ads and chronological news feed Vero is instantly appealing to me and I really do hope It catches on if only to encourage Facebook and Instagram to listen to all the complains users have about their platforms. So add me on Vero if you're joining the hype!

"If there's a neon sign, I'm there!"

Maybe not so much on Instagram but if you have ever taken a look at my Pinterest... or just know me, you will know that I have a bit of an obsession with neon signs (I am currently trying to purchase one for my bedroom but failing). SO when looking at bars in London for the weekend's antics this one was obviously a big winner for me! I went to town on their Instagram, screenshot after screenshot was taken to send to my friend TELLING HER (not asking) this was where we were going for cocktails on Friday night. I'm such a sucker for a Insta-worthy bar and Tonight Josephine is probably very high on that list when It comes to London bars. Having spent the last 3 weeks lapping up the sunshine in Thailand and having filled my Instagram with beautiful blue seas and white beaches I wanted to attempt to keep the good vibes rolling and take a nice little trip to London for the weekend but as the weather has been terrible and Friday afternoon saw the rail route to London from Plymouth being disrupted (Dawlish station basically collapsed), this was a little difficult to make happen. Fingers crossed when the weather is a little bit better and the train line is back in action, but until then I am sadly stranded in Plymouth.

Goodbye Storm Emma, Hello Spring!

After the terrible weather Plymouth finally saw sunshine of Saturday and a beautiful sunset. I am an absolute sucker for a sunset, doesn't even need to be a particularly great one, there is just something about the sun setting that just makes me feel so happy and calm. After a week of grey skies and cold winds this sunset was very much needed and despite still being very cold (I had my ski coat on) I still felt that It signaled the start of spring!


*hint* *hint*

My mum sent me this over the weekend, she is completely obsessed with Ant & Dec (as am I, don't get me wrong) and watches Saturday Night Takeaway every year. If you havn't seen the show, every year they send people that have been nominated by their friends and family to some wonderful location, last year it was Disney World in Florida and this year it is Universal Studios in Florida. My mum decided last year that she'd like to go and it became her "life goal" to go to Disney World with Ant & Dec. Obviously, you can't nominate yourself so when the nominations closed she was very upset with me and my sister that she hadn't been nominated.... She never told us she wanted to go, apparently we were suppose to read her mind, so this year she sent both me and my sister this photo to try and encourage us along. Fingers crossed for my mum! No idea why we can't just arrange a family trip to Florida (oh no wait I do, it's because Ant & Dec are better company apparently!)


Let me know if you've liked the format or idea of this blog post and if you have any other ideas on how I can be a little bit more personal but in a fun and quirky way, always interested to hear thoughts and feed back!

I will be keeping track and updating on here what I've been up but also on my Instagram account, so make sure you follow me on there if you don't already!  @beesrichards


Phuket, Thailand - Week 4

Phuket, Thailand - Week 4

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