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Camera Roll 11/03/18

Camera Roll 11/03/18

Late, as always (I've had a really busy week this week), lets have a look at the weird and wonderful thinks I've felt the need to keep in my phone this week... I'm slowly creeping closer to 11,000 photos so there must be something of interest in there.... right? 

Oat Milk Lattes are my new thing.

Boston Tea Party is literally the reason I am addicted to coffee. Having worked for them for 10 months when their Plymouth store first opened I basically lived on coffee. As a company, they wanted to make sure all of their staff had amazing product knowledge and awareness so we had to try everything, including every type of coffee. This week I got to try an oat milk latte, which I actually preferred to the soya milk they usually have in their stores, really recommend it!

Why do I drink soya? Whilst I was working at Boston I was Vegan, I carried this on for about a year and a half, completely cutting dairy out of my diet has created a bit of an intolerance to dairy for me, and you really shouldn't mix caffeine and dairy anyway it's bad for your stomach. I will usually drink my coffee black but if I'm buying a decent (expensive) cup of coffee I will always try and get my moneys worth and will have a soy latte.

Whats the Skinny?

I got invited to an event at my local Skinnydip London store this week! I absolutely love Skinnydip and always have - I use to always buy their cases when they had a concession in my Local Topshop. I'm going to be doing another post about the goodies that I picked up (please be patient with me, my life has been crazy hectic recently). I love how pink and sparkly the Plymouth store is and since their last event, they've added their signature neon sign - which if you know me, you'll know I was, of course going to be obsessed with. I love going into Skinnydip and finding things I wouldn't normally look twice at, but because the designs are all so funky I just can't help myself. 

Happy Mother's day, Mumma

So Sunday was mother's day and in true form my parents decided to leave the country (classic, if you know them). I love my mum and obviously I needed to take her out regardless so we decided to do a Saturday morning breakfast at a local cafe called Column Bakehouse in Royal William Yard. I'd been here a few times and loved it and my mum loves to find new and pretty places so I thought it would be perfect. With the floor to ceiling windows and stone interior that Royal William is famous for, the brunch is to die for as being a 'bakehouse' they make all their own bread. The sourdough eggy bread is my favourite but mum really loved her first dippy egg and soilders experience in about 30 years.

Yoke the Salon, RWY

On Saturday I took advantage of having very little planned and indulged my girly side with a blow dry. A new salon in Plymouth opened last week and I wanted to check it out. Although I love my regular salon, its far for me to go for a blow dry since I don't drive. Yoke the salon is located in Royal William Yard in Plymouth and I have completely fallen in LOVE with the place, I want to do a separate blog as I'm so excited about this new place and feel It really deserves the attention. The owners have really gone over the top to create an experience and such a chill vibe that Is really hard to find in salons these days.

Adidas Obsessed

Right, so recently I have become a little bit obesessed with Adidas and their lounge wear (not sure if it is lounge wear but that's what I'm calling it). I've always been a Nike girl and will always go to the gym in either Nike or Victoria's Secret kit but Adidas have just been knocking it out of the park over the past few years with their classic 3 stripes ranges that I finally caved and treated myself. I've been trying to find myself a jacket like this on the high street but they are so expensive and I'm on the post holiday struggle right now, so I thought I'd see what the world of Depop had to offer. For those that don't know Depop is like eBay and Instagram combined! It's great for finding yourself a bargain or clearing your wardrobe out and earning a few extra £££s. My user name is BEESRICHARDS (obviously) if you're signing up or already have.

I will be keeping track and updating on here what I've been up but also on my Instagram account, so make sure you follow me on there if you don't already!  @beesrichards


Lullaby - Sigala, Paloma Faith

Lullaby - Sigala, Paloma Faith

Phuket, Thailand - Week 4

Phuket, Thailand - Week 4