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5 Things I Can't Live Without

5 Things I Can't Live Without

5 things I can't live without sounds a little bit dramatic doesn't it? But "5 things that I could live without but would never want to" just doesn't have the same ring to it. So here are my 5 things that I enjoy very much and would be a little less happy without:


1. My iPhone 7

Yeah, yeah I'm a cliche. I am a typical girl and millennial kid and I am obsessed with my phone. I am addicted to social media and sending emojis but I also love taking photos and chatting with my mum when I walk to and from work.  Technology is a beautiful thing and I honestly don't know how anyone would be able to survive after having their lives be made so much easier by it.


2. My teddy

I'm 24 and no I am not ashamed to say I still sleep with a teddy. I am, however, slightly ashamed to admit that he was given to me when I was 18, and yes, I do also take him with me when I travel. Before I went travelling I read a blog saying that people will normally take something with them that smelt like home (a pillow/ pillowcase was the suggested item), so my teddy became my companion whilst exploring Australia. He came in very handy because after a few stitches coming loose in his back, I was actually able to use him to stash cash and as a pillow when I was trying to sleep on a coach or when i was rather suspicious of the pillow my hostel provided me with. Now, I don't think I would be able to go anywhere new without him, he just makes me feel a little more comfortable and safe.

3. Coffee

Do I really need to explain this? I am moody without a coffee in the morning and struggle to hold an intelligent conversation or just function like a human being until I've had one. I am 60% caffeine, 100% of the time, I practically run on the stuff and i would rather have a coffee than a bar of chocolate or just any food actually. Drinking as much coffee as i do probably contributes to the amount of panic attacked I have but I would rather deal with a few anxious hours then go through life not drinking the stuff. The way to my heart? Head to Starbucks (Costa is not an okay substitute, their soy milk is awful) and get me a soy vanilla latte and I'll love you forever (yes, I realise that is a basic/ classic white girl drink. I. DO. NOT. CARE).

4. My Nike Trainers

When i have drank too much coffee (or sometimes when i havn't) and i'm having a anxiety/panic attack the most effective and efficient fix for me is to run out all that nervous energy. I live by the coast (something else I would hate to be too far away from), so nothing compares to pulling on my trainers and just running as fast as i can by the sea, It allows you to completely disconnect and find some perspective. I am also very critical of my own body (yes, i have seen my Instagram), I work very hard in the gym to maintain a physique that i'm happy and makes me feel confident but i really beat myself up when i slack. When something is starting to go wrong or fall apart in my little bubble I will always turn to exercise, I strive for control and being in-control of my body when I can't control my mind helps to keep me from completely loosing my sanity. I've had this particular pair of trainers since 2014 and It's probably about time that i replaced them. I've ran 5 10K races in them and have spent countless hours road running and training in the gym but i never seem to find a pair that feel as right as these do.


5. Conversation

I truly believe that talking is the best medicine. Keeping things bottled up isn't healthy at all and just has a really negative effect on your mindset and personal well-being. You are never the only person feeling the way you do so why torture yourself by not letting someone else help you? I'm so lucky to have an amazing group of friends that i can call or will turn-up whenever I feel low and just let me vent (I like a good moan). My best friend, Bonnie (Hi, Bon!), lives in Australia, but regardless of the time difference, I know I can call her and she'll sit and listen without judgement. Bonnie and I has always lived by the line "friendship is unconditional", so whatever is going on, or if we agree with the situation or reaction we support each other and try and be as helpful and uplifting as we possibly can be. My cousin, Lizzie, is a psychologist, so when I'm unsure of how i feel or I'm having a freak out, she is my go-to-girl. All of my friends understand that i need someone to not sugar coat things for me and encourage me to see things from the outside. I have a tendency to see certain things or people in my life through rose tinted glasses and my friends, are good enough friends to tell me when i'm being a mug and sometimes be quite harsh with their opinions on my situations or decisions. However, all of this doesn't mean I always listen, but they will always be there for me and never say I told you so, even when they did, countless times. 

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