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Camera Roll 25/03/18

Camera Roll 25/03/18

I hate the gym

No, not for your standard reasons. This week my gym sent me this email. Having been away I have really struggled to get back into the gym but managed to crack it this week. I'm trying to get some exciting fitness projects up and running so after I did a session in the gym this week I left and returned 45 minutes later to chat to my PT, which is fine because you pay for the gym so you can come and go whenever you like, right? According to my gym, I was not supposed to do this and have risked my membership doing so. Having shown this to my PT he explained that they were basically accusing me of giving my pin to someone else and that's what has flagged the security. The fact that they couldn't even be bothered to check the CCTV before sending me this threatening email! The Gym Group seriously need to look at their customer services, especially since I didn't even get an apology!

"How's your day going?"

My parents are currently aways skiing and like to regularly taunt me whilst I'm working.... This is one of the many photos I received this week

Follow regis.jpg on Instagram

For weeks I've been trying to convince my best friend to change this Instagram username, his previous one just looked messy when I tagged him in my story. We spent hours looking for possible variations of his name with no luck, I then had someone like one of my photos with the username 'claire.jpg' and I just thought it was so clever and looked great and thus the story of Regis' new username.

Nailed It!

Since I can remember I've always bitten my nails, not sure why, but It's always been a habit that I haven't been able to crack until now. In November I woke up one day and just decided to stop and I DID! Now I have lovely long nails, something that I never thought I'd have without massive expense (I hate paying for acrylics). Fingers crossed I don't start snapping them.

Come on summer!

Sunday finally saw some sunshine in Plymouth and I took full advantage and spent the day on the coastal paths and sat in my favorite spot in the city. Plymouth is absolutely beautiful in the summer and despite having alot of hate for this city, I couldn't find a fault with it when the sun is shining.

Throwback Thursday

I am no stranger to a good Google Drive dive and this is by far my favourite photo I've found to date. This photo was taken in 2012 whilst me and my then boyfriend was in Disneyland. It was probably my favourite day, It was so much fun to just be running around with my best friend acting like total children all day

Wagamama, Plymouth

Wagamama, Plymouth

Baby I Love Your Way - Big Mountain

Baby I Love Your Way - Big Mountain