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Camera Roll 18/03/18

Camera Roll 18/03/18

Another week down! How are we this far into March and it's still snowing?! Crazy! Anyway....


I have some major love for Coca Cola, they basically helped me through my A-Levels and degree by being my go-to case study for all of my exams and coursework, they are such a diverse and successful company that I could apply their to every aspect of my course and get great marks on my assignments because I had such a wealth of knowledge about my subject (sneaky sneaky). Popping into my local super market post gym last night I spotted this orange bottle cap in the coca cola section (any normal person wouldn't have even clocked it because they arn't a freak like me). and I obviously had to stop and investigate. Coke are known for doing weird and wonder flavours are you either love or hate (I obviously love them all) so when I saw peach coke I was like "whaaaaaaaaat?!" and have to give it ago.

It's actually really nice. I highly recommend it and hope they decide to keep it... doubt they will though.



I am literally obsessed with Kristy Green ATM. If i could steal her feed and her life I would be so happy. Kristy is an instagrammer if that isn't obvious and is currently working with Couture Club in LA. She posted this photo earlier in the week of her looking so bloody cool on Melrose Avenue and I had to screenshot and share. I had a friend heading to LA this week so I wanted to live my Instagram dream bi-curiously though him and ask him to go and take some photos for me (he's not as keen on Instagram as me so I doubt this will happen).

They're vintage, darling

I absolutely love these glasses, I look like a douche when i try and wear them, but I do love them. These are my mum's Rayban that she brought on her way to Barbados.... before she had me! So they are 1000% authentic vintage and have probably seen a fair few adventures. I love that old fashions come round again and the fact that my mum is a massive hoarder tends to come in hand when i'm trying to make out i'm a lot cooler than I am. This also just goes to show how much of a worth while investment a pair of Rayban glasses are. I hope one day I can pass them down to my daughter for her to enjoy.

Taylor Swift - Delicate

Whilst making my way to London I got stuck due to an accident on the M4, so i thought i'd have a look as some new music on Youtube despite my poor signal (why do our phones even tell us we have 3G?! It doesn't work, just say I have no signal!!!) Due to my poor signal the videos kept pausing due to buffer and I kid you not my phone frozen on Taylor Swift pulling this face. I don't think I could have paused the video on this frame In a million years and it just cracks me up every time i see it (love you, Tay Tay).

Thank you for having us!

Yes, rare may it be, I do have my childish moments. Over the weekend I spent some time in London visiting my family. At the back end of last year they make the huge purchase of a Range Rover Evoke and they treat that car like it's their child. So on our way back to our own car we spotted it, covered in snow and decided to let out childish instincts take over. I'm 24, sue me. Imagine their shock when next thing they know they have Instagram notifications telling them that their pride and joy had been vandalized. Thank god they are 30 and found it as hilarious as we did.

Royal Britannia

On my way out of London i spotted this little mews. It's very out of character for me to notice things like this because i'm as blind as a bat and wouldn't normally have even been looking around in fear of being accused of giving strangers dirty looks (i'm not giving you dirty looks, I'm squinting to see if it know you). I am very patriotic and a total royalist so I love things like this and had to stand in the freezing cold just a little bit longer so I could take some photos and share my little discovery. This is what I love about London and especially Notting Hill, there is something quirky and beautiful around every corner you just need to take the time to find it.


Hellllllo, Spring?

This is a photo my mum sent me of my grandma's garden on Sunday... as I'm trying to get myself back from London. It was not very helpful and make me start to really consider If it was even worth attempting to get myself home for work (I did make it, and I had a bloody amazing adventure). This may not seem like such a big deal but living on the coast we almost never get snow in Plymouth (assuming it's to do with the high salt content in the sea air?!?!) So Plymouth obviously shuts down when it snows because they just have literally nothing in place to deal with the situation!

Also, have really been wondering if people think all this out of season weather has been happening as a result of global warming? Just a thought, let me know what you think! Leave a comment or DM me on Insta.


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Baby I Love Your Way - Big Mountain

Baby I Love Your Way - Big Mountain

Yoke the Salon, Royal William Yard

Yoke the Salon, Royal William Yard