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Camera Roll 1/4/18

Camera Roll 1/4/18

Apologies for the delay with this post! I've been suffering with a really horrible cold and quite frankly just not been very interesting over the past few weeks! Really need to up my blog game

Is Twitter still a thing, though?

I spent alot of my week trying to decide if I should still be entertaining my Twitter account. I have next to no followers, I don't really understand it and I will tend to leave it alone for 2 months and try and pick it up again (not very good social media practice). I really just don't feel like i'm witty enough to actually be successful on Twitter, and I've actually just realized I hate the photo I have as my profile photo so I will be changing that shortly.

Bucket List Challenge

At the start of the year I set myself the challenge of trying new things and doing something I've never done before each week. I've always wanted to be one of those Instagram babes that has flawless beach hair, surfs and does yoga (headstands) on the beach, so this week I decided that I was going to master headstands and try and get myself into some yoga classes. Despite it being my first try I was actually pretty impressed with myself, obviously still have ages to go and I have no upper body strength or balance so I might struggle ALOT but I always find it so empowering when you tell yourself you can do it and just do it. Total mind over body control. (excuse the face, I promise I wasn't in pain).

Insta Goals

I'm pretty sure my camera roll is just full of insta-inspo and girls that are just absolute fitness goals. When I first started taking my fitness seriously I found the Tone It Up! girls and fell in love with their work outs, they are so easy to do on the move... AND FREE! I've been really struggling with my fitness the past month or so, due to various illnesses and just general CBA but seeing this photo seriously made me realise I need to up my game. Karena Scott is just total body goals!


Back in January I sold my beloved Billabong Surf Capsule and completely regretted it from the second I put it in the post. So, I've been doing a bit of internet trolling trying to find myself a new one, just maybe this time one that will actually keep me warm rather than make me look cool.

Bristol to Orlando? Really?!

Despite having used all of my annual leave this year I am still willing to completely torture myself with the Sky Scanner app. Sky Scanner basically does all the hard work for you and finds the cheapest flights out there. My favorite feature is that If you don't have exact dates or even an exact location you can just search for the cheapest flights to anywhere! Doing this led me to find this amazing bargain to Orlando from Bristol! (It's a big deal, normally flights from Bristol are just Europe or really expensive because it's a small airport). If I had the leave I so would have booked this even if I had to go on my own

You're never too old to learn

I promised myself at the start of the year I would try new things so skateboarding has now been added to that like. I'm hoping to snowboard on my next trip to the alps and since I can't really practice that right now, I thought skateboarding would be the next best thing and give me the opportunity to get to grips with the movement. I am so terrible at it, but I actually really enjoy starting something from scratch and building a new skill. Fingers crossed I just don't break anything in the process

The Wire - HAIM

The Wire - HAIM

Good Life - OneRepublic

Good Life - OneRepublic