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6 Long-Haul Flight Essentials

6 Long-Haul Flight Essentials

Since long-haul flights are something we don’t all tend to do often, it’s hard to know/remember what you’re going to need to keep yourself comfortable and happy. Having done it recently and not wanting myself or anyone else to fall into the same trap I did, here are my 6 long-haul flight travel essentials!

1. Over ear headphones

Yes, I know all airlines provide earphones but honestly, unless you’re in business/first class they are usually pathetic and never stay on you’re head. Plus, have you ever stopped to think how well cleaned they are between uses? I recently treated myself to a pair I found in Cotton On (it’s an Australian store if you aren’t sure). 

2. Moisturiser

Again, seems pretty obvious but the amount of flights I’ve got on and had all my makeup in my hand luggage but no moisturiser. This is especially important on the return flight to make sure that tan holds on as long as possible! If you’re like me and tend to purchase big bottles of moisturiser then just make sure you decant before you stick it in your suitcase into a 100ml plastic bottle. You can also check your chosen brands website to see if they do a travel size mini for you! 

3. Eye Drops

With all the air conditioning on planes it’s not just your skin that can get dry, it’s your eyes too. I’d always just associated this with just being tired before but since starting to wear contacts I know now differently. You can pick these up super easily from most chemists/drugstores and they even have ones that can make you’re eyes that little bit more dazzling... I’m not sure how? 

4. Clean Undies

Granted you won’t feel like you have enough room to change into them, but the difference a clean pair of underwear can have is worth the struggle! especially when you consider the health implications of wearing the same pair of underwear for a long period of time. You wouldn’t wear the same pair for 24 hours on a normal day. 

5.  Water!

Same as your skin and eyes your body can get extremely dehydrated on flights. Despite being given water by the airline, they really don’t give you enough so it’s really important that you take your own. Being hydrated can make that transition to your new time zone/climate far easier for you.

6. Neck Pillow

I was desperately against these when my mum bought me one 3 years ago, but now I wouldn’t consider a long haul flight without one. You might end up being lucky and having more than on seat to yourself, but if you’re not, trying to sleep upright can cause some serious neck problems and make the long journey even more uncomfortable for you. Mine always comes in handy if i’m staying in hostels, I have a bit of an issue with sleeping on someone else pillow so I always switch it out for my neck pillow.



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